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Car Dealership Donations

Our nonprofit organization will be in need of two vans to be solely used to deliver food for the hungry/ senior shut in, and homeless as well as delivering water and supplies during natural catastrophes.

Corporate Donors

We are looking for donors to build a non-profit community center in 2020! This center will benefit people of all ages as they engage in fun and educational activities.

All Things Are Bearly Possible

Using the power of touch and sight can be very comforting to a child that has suffered a traumatic event in their life, that is why we would like to distribute soft furry friends (toy bears) to area kids who need a hug buddy and can invest a child's loving heart to something tangible in their life!

HUGS=Helping Us Grow Stronger

Change The World

We are looking for motivated, energetic, friendly and caring individuals that want to make a significant change in their communities.



Even the smallest contributions can make a world of difference.

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